The Key to Your Unique Elopement
Experience in Ontario and Beyond

Elope in ontario

Does a traditional wedding just not feel right to you?

Elopement in Quebec Canada. Couple standing at river's edge
Winter Elopement in Canmore, Alberta Canada. Couple kissing in front of frozen waterfall.
Elopement on beach. Couple standing on rocks at beach.

How you get married matters

Eloping allows you to redesign how you get married

Summer Elopement in Jacksons Point, Ontario. Couple standing on beach facing the water at The Briar's Resort.
Elopement in Ontario. Couple standing on rocks with forest behind them.

When you elope, you focus on…

Destination Wedding Elopement in Panama. Couple standing on beach in Panama.

Your Experience

Your wedding day is about YOU & the experience you want. You value new experiences together over tangible things.

Being Stress free

Eloping minimizes the stress around logistics and planning, allowing you to focus solely on each other in the lead up to your big day.


Big weddings create hundreds of pounds of waste where as eloping offers a more Leave No Trace philosophy and are much more eco friendly.


Creating a day around your passions and what makes you a couple. Putting your relationship first on this special day.

Quality over Quantity

Having only your closest family and friends (or no guests!) is the best way to surround yourselves by those who love and support you most.

Elopement Photography and Planning catered to you!

Let me be your guide to your best adventure yet!

As your elopement photographer and planner, I am here to help you find the perfect spot to say your vows and have the most incredible adventure that encompasses who you are as a couple, and so much more.

After helping countless couples plan their own unique, adventurous elopement, my goal is to make each and every elopement day as unique as your relationship.

Elopement in Ontario. Elopement Photographer holding camera on the beach and laughing.
Winter Elopement in Canmore, Alberta Canada. Close up of couple hugging in snow.
Elopement in Ontario. Couple standing on rocks overlooking waterfall.

Grab each other’s hand and let’s set off on an adventure of a lifetime.

Be your unique selves, dream big and let me help you plan your best adventure yet — your wedding day!

Elopement in Yosemite National Park, California. Couple walking toward the camera on trail with mountain and forest backdrop.
Elopement in Ontario. Couple kissing on rocks with forest background.