Adventures in Iceland – Winter

Iceland has been something that has recently popped up on peoples radar since the volcano exploded in 2010. Since then it has turned into not only a tourist hotspot but a place for couples in love to get engaged, elope, married or spend quality time together. I had the privilege of going to Iceland at the end of October to document one of the most beautiful surprise proposals. Flying to Iceland so excited for Matt and Jackie's proposal had me so excited the entire time I almost didn't sleep on the redeye flight! I landed at the very early hour of 6am well before the sun had even risen on this incredible island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. I hopped in my rental car and drove out to Vik to explore the area and get an idea of the destinations we were going to visit to Matt and Jackie's proposal adventure two days later.

Driving in Iceland was so much easier than I had expected! Once you are out of Reykjavik it is a one lane highway with more roundabouts than stop lights making is an incredibly relaxing drive. Iceland is known as the Iceland of fire and ice with more waterfalls, volcanoes, glaciers and it certainly did not disappoint. Some of my favourite memories is just driving down the road and seeing waterfalls big and small plummeting over the side of the mountains. It certainly is a site to see and photos do not do this beautiful place justice. I spent the night in Vik and had the opportunity to meet a lovely German couple, who are also wedding photographers, staying at the same hotel as I was who had just recently gotten engaged! How exciting! We planned a sunrise shoot for the next morning and it was so incredibly dreamy as we watched the sunrise along the Black Sand Beach.

After a cold but insanely beautiful morning on the Black Sand Beaches I hopped in my rental car and found an area where you could drive you car right onto the beach. Here I spent the morning making breakfast and just taking in the beauty that is Iceland. From there I turned around and began my journey back to Reykjavik where I would meet Jackie and Matt the next morning to start their epic road trip across southern Iceland for their proposal. I only had the opportunity to spend 72 hours in Iceland but it left me wanting more and I cannot wait to come back with Chris very soon! From the little Icelandic Horses that run along the fence lines of the highway, to the waterfalls that appear when you least expect them and the insanely beautiful views at every twist and turn Iceland is a place like no other and if you have not had the opportunity to visit yet I suggest you book your plane tickets ASAP!

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