Adventurous Winter Engagement on Lake Rosseau

I truly enjoy winter sunrises – why do you ask? Because they are a heck of a lot later than the sunrises in the summer! I do love a good sunrise but getting up at 3am to see them certainly can be tiring. Thankfully the sunrises in the winter not until 6-7am sometimes even later depending on the time of year. A lot of people when I offer sunrise over sunset instantly think no we don’t want to get up super early, make sure we look great and also feel awake for our session! So why bother doing them? One of the biggest advantages of doing a sunrise session is you have a 99% chance that no one else will be around to be in your pictures! That was exactly one of the biggest seasons I wanted to do a sunrise adventurous winter engagement on Lake Rosseau. During the day even into the evening after the sunsets on Lake Rosseau people are our ice fishing or snowmobiling across the lake. In order to beat the crowds the perfect time is at sunrise when everyone else is likely still in bed. Eliza and Adam were definitely down for this idea and even drove two hours that morning to get up to Lake Rosseau just before the sun peaked over the horizon. Chris and I rode from a cottage we had rented in Utterson on our snowmobiles and crossed the frozen Lake Rosseau to meet them at a boat ramp just around the corner from the lighthouse I wanted to photograph them at. They were more excited than cold to get going on this cool adventure. Neither of them had ever ridden a snowmobile before and even though we were not taking them as far as I had in my Georgian Bay snowmobile adventure it was still a cool experience none the less!

With only a short snowmobile ride to Lighthouse Shoal, the lighthouse’s official name, we got there still in the dark as the sky slowly started to brighten on the horizon. We had so much fun playing on the frozen lake in the snow with not another soul in sight this Adventurous Winter Engagement on Lake Rosseau is definitely an experience I will not soon forget! I was not sure if we were going to get much of a sunrise because of the overcast morning which happens more often than not in the winter, but all of a sudden the sun burst through an open patch in the clouds and it made my heart so happy even to see it and be able to photograph it even if it was just for a few minutes. The morning was definitely such a fun adventure with Eliza and Adam! These two have only been engaged for just a few weeks and I could not have been more excited for them! I really love being able to take couples to unique locations as come spring when the ice melts in Lake Rosseau you certainly would not be able to do photos there! We took Eliza and Adam back to the marina so they could hop in their warm car and we said goodbye but not for long as I get to photograph Eliza’s sister’s wedding this summer! If you have a unique location you would love to get photos at I love a good challenge and being able to go on unique and cool adventures with couples! Here is Eliza and Adams Adventurous Winter Engagement on Lake Rosseau!



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