Adventure wedding in the Yukon during the summer time under the midnight sun.

Adventurous Yukon Wedding

There’s something really cool about being apart of a couples elopement from the very beginning. When Erin and Kevin first reached out they had no idea where they wanted to elope. They knew they wanted to go something off the beaten path with vast and epic landscapes. I started research for unique, off the beaten path places that would check off all the boxes for them for their elopement day. We spent a ton of time going back and forth brainstorming different ideas and eventually landed them having an adventurous Yukon Wedding!

The Yukon is hands down one of my favourite places in the world. I spent a few weeks with my fiance here in 2017, so needless to say I was excited to take Erin and Kevin back to show them how beautiful it really is for their Adventurous Yukon Wedding. There was something that lined up so perfectly for me to return to my favourite place in the world and get to document my 100th wedding it could not have lined up better than that.

Something that is really important to me is getting to know my couples ahead of time if our timelines allow for it. So the day before their Yukon wedding we met up for beer and ribs at the famous Klondike Rib & Salmon in Whitehorse before we jumped on the Alaska highway and headed towards Haines Junction which would be home base for their elopement.

On the morning of their Yukon wedding, they got dressed separately, then met outside for a beautiful first look. As Kevin came down the stairs and got a glimpse of Erin, tears began to fall. You could tell how excited they were to get married and just how much the two of them truly love each other. 

We packed up our bags and hopped in the car to meet the most epic officiants I have ever worked with: Sheila. Sheila moved to the Yukon from England, and her deep love for the Yukon is evident in the way she speaks so earnestly about it (you can hear her speak in the GIF Video above!). Sheila took us to the most perfect spot so Erin and Kevin could say “I do” overlooking the mountains. It took our breath away. 

They read their handwritten vows, both shedding tears as they shared their love for one another soaking in the landscape that surrounded them. There was not another soul in sight. 

After the ceremony, they popped champagne, ate some cake, and the two of them went off for some alone time to embrace the beauty of the Yukon and all it had to offer. 

That’s the best thing about an elopement: You truly get to do whatever you want to do. You get to take breaks or have moments just the two of you whenever you want. We create a timeline as a framework for the day, but we can always spend more time in certain areas to truly just soak in the moment.

After their ceremony, we were initially planning to take a plane into Kluane National Park and land on a glacier in front of Mount Logan, Canada’s tallest mountain for what would have been such an incredible and unique experience. Unfortunately, smoke from the forest fires in British Columbia had started to move in meaning there wasn’t enough visibility to safely take off or land.

That’s the second best thing about elopements: We always have a Plan B (and C, D, E and F). 

Having spent time in the Yukon previously, and also having done further location scouting the night prior I knew there was an incredible sand bar not far away so we hopped in the car and spent the afternoon exploring the area and playing in the sand. We stopped in an old, abandoned mining town so Erin and Kevin could stroll through the abandoned log homes before heading back to the cabin to rest up and have a beer and ramen break. Erin and Kevin are known for their ramen consumption, so they knew they had to fit it in their day. 

Another one of the best things about elopements: You get to incorporate everything that is important to you. 

From your favourite food and drinks to celebrating in a certain corner of the world that will forever have your heart, it’s up to you to decide how you want your day to look and go.

After lunch, we went to another incredible spot I had found location scouting near Kluane National Park and hiked around, had a few Yukon Gold English Pale Ales, and just enjoyed every moment of the day. We watched the sunset slowly behind the mountains as they danced in the fields with not another soul in sight. 

On the way home we stopped in at Frosty’s, a local spot known for its burgers, fries, pizzas and ice cream, and that’s exactly what they wanted. They finished the day reading letters of blessing and best wishes from their loved ones. A great way to include your family and friends in your wedding day without them physically being there. 

We cried together, and laughed together, and it truly was one of the most magical nights I have had the pleasure of being a part of.

I couldn’t imagine spending my 100th wedding with a better couple, in a better place for this magical Yukon wedding.

Beautiful mountains in the summer in the Yukon territory surrounded by trees.
Stunning wedding dress hanging off the side of the log cabin near Haines Junction for a summer Yukon Elopement.
wedding rings
Groom smiling in the second floor of the cabin.
The bride is tying her boots for her wedding in Yukon.
Happy groom waiting for his bride.
Beautiful bride standing and smiling.
Nature wedding in Yukon. Beautiful bride walking towards the groom.
The groom and bride beautifully looking at each other.
Bride and groom looking at each other happily.
Beautiful bride going towards the elopement venue.
Beautiful scenery in Yukon territory.
Bride walking towards the groom.
Groom crying in front of his bride during elopement.
Bride reading her wedding vows in front of the groom.
Bride reading her wedding vows.
Bride and Groom reading their vows on a field at the base of the mountains in the Yukon.
Bride and groom reading their vows to each other with the Kluane National Park mountain range in the distance for their wedding in the Yukon.
Groom holding his bride's hand with love.
Bride is crying because the groom is reading his wedding vows.
Groom crying while reading his wedding vows.
Beautiful couple during their wedding in Yukon
Wedding ring of the groom.
Groom putting on ring onto his brides finger during their elopement ceremony in the Yukon.
Pouring champagne into flutes for a summer Yukon Wedding.
Bride and Groom cheersing from afar to each other after their wedding ceremony in the Yukon.
Groom embracing his bride after their beautiful summer ceremony in the Yukon.
Groom kissing his brides hand as they walk along the pathway at the base of the mountains in Haines Junction, Yukon.
Intimate wedding in Yukon territory.
Wedding cake slicing
Newly married couple walking hand in hand on an old dried up lake at the base of the mountains in the Yukon.
Couple walking together in the sands of Yukon.
Newly married couple standing on sand dunes in the Yukon Territory on their elopement day.
Beautiful couple in Yukon.
Adventure wedding in Yukon.
Adventurous couple in walking amidst the heat in Yukon during summer time.
Bride and groom running in Yukon territory.
Groom helping the bride in Yukon territory.
Beautiful landscape near Kluane National Park in the Yukon.
Bride and groom walking out together to a sandbar alongside a lake near Haines Junction in the Yukon Territory for their adventurous elopement.
Bride and groom walk hand in hand along a beautiful sweeping landscape in the Yukon for their wedding day.
Beautiful couple kissing in Yukon territory.
Bride walking towards the forest in Yukon.
Beautiful couple on in Yukon territory.
Adventurous Yukon elopement during summer time.
Adventurous wedding couple in Yukon with their backpacks.
Bride and groom sitting in the beautiful Yukon territory.
Beautiful wife wearing a denim jacket with a "Just Married" print.
The bride is holding her denim jacket showing the date of their wedding.
Couple blowing flowers in Yukon.
Bride and groom kissing in Yukon during summer.
Just married couple buying ice cream in Yukon.
Beautiful couple popping champagne in Yukon cabin.
Bride and groom reading the wedding vow.

Vendor Team:

Yukon Officiant: Sheila Dodds
Hair + Makeup: Make Up In The Yukon
Dress: David’s Bridal

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