Banff National Park Sunrise Winter Adventure

November 17, 2018

Getting up early in the morning has always been a struggle for me. I am certainly not a morning person, but when Chris and I are out exploring the mountains especially in the winter when the sun comes up at a reasonable time in the morning and the sunrise is a view you likely not soon forget makes it all that much easier. Watching the sky turn a cotton candy pink and purple off in the distance behind the mountains long before we actually see the sun crack over the peaks of the mountains is probably one of my favourite views in the world.  It was a chilly -20 degrees that morning and the wind was whipping through the mountains but that certainly would not deter me from exploring with Zandalee and Dave for this Banff National Park Sunrise Winter Adventure Session.

Zandalee and Dave had gotten married earlier this year in Canmore and returned to Banff for a winter weekend getaway and it was the perfect time to capture some winter wonderland photos amongst the mountains.  We met up at Two Jack Lake early in the morning as the sky began to turn incredible shades of pastel colours for their Banff National Park Sunrise Winter Adventure Session. Pieces of Two Jack Lake had just begun to freeze allowing us to be able to walk out onto the ice for some fun photos! I love the point when winter has already come and covered the mountains in snow but the lakes have only just begun to freeze. The thin layer of ice before the lake gets covered in snow is such a beautiful sight.

The early hours of the morning was spent laughing, running around in the snow having fun and trying to stay warm and watching the sunrise over the Rocky Mountains at Two Jack Lake. This Banff National Park Winter Sunrise Adventure Session was a perfect (and chilly) morning but a hell of a lot of fun! Zandalee and Dave thank you so much for driving out so early in the morning and being so willing to get a little cold for these photos! xo.

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