Banff Winter Engagement

There is something about the mountains that are absolutely breathtaking and so incredibly special to me. The are probably one of my favourite places in the world to visit and explore – every turn on a mountain road offers such unique, mesmerizing views. Chris and I try to get out to Alberta or British Columbia every year to explore a new piece of the Rocky Mountains, allow ourselves to detach from technology and get back to nature. On our trip out this year we also got the opportunity to photograph these two incredible humans in their new home on an adventurous Banff Winter Engagement Session.

I knew Sarah and Jordan both from high school, but had not seen them since they had graduated. Shortly after they graduated high school they started dating. These two are absolutely incredible people who inspire me to get outdoors more than I already do. They are always planning their next epic camping trip in the back country, checking out the new local restaurants and bars and they just recently packed up their cars and moved to Calgary! Sarah had reached out to me and said if Chris and I ever came to Alberta they would love for us to do their engagement photos. The stars aligned when we started planning our trip for November and I reached out to them to plan the perfect Banff winter engagement session for these two!

We met up with Sarah and Jordan in Banff National Park and began an afternoon of exploring only a small corner of what the national park has to offer. The weather could not have been absolutely more perfect – the sun was out, there was no wind in the air leaving the most perfect reflection on Lake Minnewanka and it wasn’t too cold considering it was already winter for them in the mountains.  The four of us headed down the trails in awe at each stunning turn on the path at the mountains and their perfect reflection in the water. We hiked onto rocky outcrops for some great views and even better photos and got to watch the sun set behind the mountains to end what happens to be one of my favourite adventure sessions to date. Sarah and Jordan thank you for being so rad, climbing out onto crazy ledges no matter how icy for those breathtaking photos and being the sweetest humans possible. Chris and I are so incredibly excited to be able to join you back in Banff next October for what will be a magical snowy Banff Wedding! xo.

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