Best Places to Elope in Alberta, Canada in 2022

A couple snuggling on the rock bed with Peyto Lake in the background in Banff National Park.

Best Places to Elope

in Alberta

There are so many options when choosing where to elope in Alberta. Here are the Best Places to Elope in Alberta, Canada

From the prairies and farm fields on the eastern side of the province to the badlands where the Dinosaurs used to roam to the iconic Rocky Mountains in the west you truly cannot go wrong when choosing to elope in Alberta. There are many drastically different landscapes that the province has to offer and no matter what you choose it will be an incredible day.

Couple eloping on the shores of Lake Minnewanka in Banff National Park one of the best places to elope in Alberta.

Banff National Park

Banff National Park has turned into one of the most iconic and well known national parks in Alberta as well as Canada and it is obvious to see why. This is Canada's first national park and has some of the most beautiful scenery you will ever see from the Rocky Mountains, turquoise glacial lakes, the charming village of Banff and Lake Louise, abundant wildlife like grizzly bears, moose, elk and more. With over three million visitors a year it is clearly a hot destination spot for both tourism and weddings.

Eloping in Banff National Park has so many incredible options that despite how many visitors a year the park gets you can still find your self completely along with nothing but the sound of the wind moving through the mountains and a bird calling out in the distance. You could spend days exploring Banff National Park for your elopement and still never see everything which makes it such a great choice as it has so much unique offerings to give different backdrops.

Peyto Lake in Banff National Park

Peyto Lake located in Banff National Park has one of the most incredible views and unique looking lakes. If you look closely the lake looks like the shape of a wolf sitting at the base of the Rocky Mountain's off the Icefields Parkway.

Peyto Lake is a stunning turquoise glacial lake. Located not a hard walk from the parking lot it makes it a fairly accessible place for your elopement at Peyto Lake or a great option for some adventurous wedding photos. Regardless, you will not want to miss visiting Peyto Lake as it is definitely one of the best places to elope in Alberta, Canada!

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Couple standing on a frozen Lake Louise in the middle of winter for their elopement

Lake Louise in Banff National Park

A visit to Banff National Park is not complete without a stop in at one of the most famous lakes in Canada - Lake Louise! Located 40 minutes north of the town of Banff Lake Louise is the perfect place to plan an elopement. Filled with various hikes, the famous Fairmont Lake Louise and the lake itself where you can rent a canoe and paddle around the lake in the summer or skate on the frozen lake in the winter.

Some recommended hikes if you are up for an adventure on your elopement at Lake Louise are:

- Lake Agnes Trail 7.4km

- Plain of Six Glaciers Trail 14.6km

-The Big Beehive 10.9km

- Devils Thumb via Lake Agnes Trail 12.9km

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Moraine Lake in Banff National Park

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Jasper National Park

Jasper National Park is the largest national park in the Canadian Rockies, but it is the lesser visited park compared to its companion Banff which is just three hours south connected via the Icefields Parkway. The Icefields Parkway was listed as one of most beautiful drives in the world and it truly is. Getting to Jasper is half of the fun and you can easily make some of your elopement adventures what is available to you along your journey on the Icefields Parkway including the many waterfalls, hikes, viewpoints and more!

Some of our favourite spots in Jasper National Park for your elopement are:

- Maligne Lake (rent a canoe and spend the day out on Spirit Island!)

- Pyramid Lake

- Take a Helicopter to some remote areas in Jasper

- Athabasca Day Use Area

- Take one of the many hikes to a glacial lake


Located right next to Banff National Park Canmore is an absolutely beautiful place to adventure and explore for a mountain elopement. It is one of our favourite places to visit and filled with incredible trails, mountain views and so much more!

Here are a few of our favourite spots for elopements in Canmore:

- Ha Ling Peak 7.24km hike round trip

- A view with the Three Sisters Mountains

- Take a helicopter deep into the mountains to mountain peaks, valleys or a glacial lake!

-Grassi Lakes

- Quarry Lake Park

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Road trip view going to Kannanaskis with beautiful mountain ranges and curvy road.


Kananaskis is one of the lesser visited areas in the Canadian Rockies in Alberta for people because it is a bit more off the beaten path, but that often means the hikes and view points are much quieter and you get the space often to yourself! The hikes are also not as hard as they are in Banff or Jasper National Park because the mountains are lower here which makes for a bit easier of a hike too!

Take a drive along Highway 40 and through Spray Lakes Road and your breath will be taken away just from the road. Can you only imagine how incredible it gets when you park and head on a hike? There are so many incredible places to adventure here I cannot recommend Kananaskis enough!

Here are some incredible spots for an elopement in Kananaskis:

- Mount Engadine Lodge

- Rawson Lake + Sarrail Ridge

- Upper Kananaskis Lake Trail - 15km loop

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Drumheller, Dinosaur Provincial Park & The Alberta Badlands

Elope in Alberta With Nicole Alex Photography!

I have had the privilege to spend a lot of time in Alberta exploring all of the places above and many more. I have a never ending list of incredible places, hidden gems and adventurous excursions for couples looking for the best place to elope in Alberta in 2022.

If eloping in the Rocky Mountains of Canada, the Alberta Badlands or somewhere in between in this beautiful province do not hesitate to reach out so we can start planning your incredible elopement in Alberta!

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