Bradford Winter Newborn Session

March 18, 2019

Newborn sessions are so incredibly beautiful and special. It is typically the first time the family takes a few hours to spend time together in a quiet moment in their home and capture their new addition to the family. I love being able to go to a couples home and watch as they interact with their new little addition. In this case Nicole and Dylan welcomed a beautiful baby boy – Ollie to their family. This sweet boy was very awake during our time together but he was so observant with the world around him and just watching everything going on. This Bradford Winter Newborn Session was a truly heartwarming moment to observe this expanding family together snuggling and enjoying an afternoon together on a bright winter day.

Newborn sessions can be difficult as you never know how a newborn is going to act when a stranger comes into their home and typically make a mess of a routine they are trying to learn. I always advise couples to observe their newborn and understand when they like to sleep, be awake and their patterns throughout the day. Normally I like to come either mid way during a nap in hopes of getting them snoozing away either in their crib on their parents arms, or come shortly after their nap so we get a happy awake baby and then hopefully over our time together they will fall asleep while they are being swaddled, snuggled and loved on. This Bradford Winter Newborn Session was a dream – Ollie barely fussed the entire time and was so happy to be snuggled with his mom and dad.

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