Do you feel like you are not sure where to even being making the jump to elopements? Looking for elopement content to show potential couples?

Let's change that at this workshop!

This One Day Workshop is for:

- Those who want to grow in the elopement industry

- Looking to learn what a full day elopement looks like

- Looking for a unique experience to help grow your business

- Those who value community over competition

Stunning photo of the bride and groom looking at each other with beautiful nature view, tall trees and huge rocks while the bride's gown is flowing freely.

There is no better way to learn about elopements and gain experience by going through a full day elopement.

Beautiful couple in Yosemite holding hands and looking at the big river.

The day is more than just getting great content which I know we will it's also about furthering your education and making lasting relationship!

We will start the day by getting to know each other and starting with a talk. Then we will jump into getting ready with the couple hanging out, writing vows, a beautiful ceremony, adventurous portraits and some incredible shots at dusk learning to work in darker lighting conditions.

The goal of the entire day is to gain a ton of experience about getting into the elopement industry, understanding some of the differences on an elopement day than a big wedding day and gain a fully day of beautiful storytelling that you can blog and share with future clients.

Adventurous couple in walking amidst the heat in Yukon during summer time.
Aerial view of bride and groom in a small boat in Pine Cove French River.





5 spots available

$1250 + HST