Dorset Cottage Engagement

Cottage engagement sessions are some of my favourite! We get to explore and relax at a space that you absolutely love and likely have made so many memories here. I always encourage you to do something you love to do on your weekends up at the cottage whether that be going for a paddle in the canoe on the lake, boat ride, jumping off the dock, having a fire or whatever you love most! For Holly and Daniel that was canoeing. These two are avid canoers and go on back country canoe trips and paddle this beautiful lake their cottage sits on as much as they can. So that is exactly how we started their Dorset Cottage Engagement session! Holly + Daniel headed out in their red canoe and Chris and I followed behind them on their boat. They showed us some of their favourite spots on this beautiful lake as the sun was beginning to set beyond the trees. As we paddles back to the cottage the sky began to get some stunning colours in the sky that we all couldn’t help but stare at in amazement.

Once we got back to the cottage they showed us all their favourite little spots around the cottage where we watched the sunset on the dock. Holly and Daniel snuggled, laughed and enjoyed the stunning views on the dock as the sun sank deeper into the horizon. As the light was almost out on this incredible Dorset Cottage Engagement Holly + Daniel went and jumped in the lake and ended the evening splashing and playing in the water. It truly was such an incredible time sharing their favourite activities at the cottage, watching another incredible summer sunset and only getting a few bug bites while we were at it!

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