Wedding and Elopement Photographer Workshops and Mentorships

Helping creatives work through roadblocks and create a clear path to growth in your business.

Elopement Photographer taking photo of couple sitting in sand in the desert at a wedding and elopement photography workshop in California.

Single Mentorship Session

1.5 Hours of mentoring completely tailored to your learning needs
Starting at $500

Weekly Mentorship Sessions

Each week we jump on a phone call for 1.5 hours and work through any road blocks you are having and tackle one major topic a week
Starting at $500

In Person Mentorship Session

Includes 3 Hours of one-on-one learning that is focused on your exact learning needs.

Topics that are often covered are pricing, marketing, workflow/processes, wedding day flow, attracting your ideal client, getting your couples comfortable and more

1 Hour Live Couples Session
Starting at $1650

Elopement Photographer Workshops

Come join for a one day or multi day retreats with a balance of learning, community and taking incredible photos! These retreats are here to make you dig deep into what makes you unique and stand out amongst the crowd to find your ideal client. Surround yourself with adventurous, nature loving like minded wedding and elopement photographers where we can open up to each other, be real and take each of your businesses to the next level through education, hands on shooting and a community building atmosphere.

A group setting can be one of the best places to learn from not only myself, but from each other too! I want to see you open up, get vulnerable and encourage each other to take your wedding and elopement photography business to the next level, hit your goals and re-ignite your passion for photography. My goal with each retreat is to find the perfect balance of learning and down time allowing you to leave with a renewed perspective, feeling refreshed and connected.

Elopement Photographer showing another photographer their camera. Standing on rocks in the desert at a wedding and elopement photography workshop in California.
Wedding and elopement photography workshop in Ontario. Couple sitting in yurt beside campfire in the forest.
Elopement Photographers taking photos of couple in desert attending a wedding and elopement photography workshop in California.