Nicole Alex Photography running a workshop for elopement photographers.

Elopement Photography Education & Workshops

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helping creatives work through roadblocks and create a clear path to growth in your business.

Want to grow your creative business?

When you invest in yourself you are not only investing in your business but helping it grow. Whether it is through a one-on-one mentorship, workshop or other forms of education it is one of the best ways to help take that next step in your business.

Do you feel like any of the following while running your wedding business?

• You don't know where or how to find your ideal client

• You feel like you don't know how to break out of the norm and do something that feels like you

• Getting into the wedding or elopement space is scary and you don't even know where to begin

• Unsure of how to get couples comfortable in front of the camera and great beautiful images?

• Uncertainty on how to stand out within your niche?

When you invest in a mentorship or workshop with me we will tackle that and more! I am here to help guide you to a clear path forward in your business both creatively and on the business end of things so you feel confident going into the next wedding season knowing it will be your best year yet!

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Virtual Mentorships

Not local to me? That's okay let's jump on a Zoom call and we can do a virtual mentorship! This is still an incredible effective way to learn from the comfort of your own home.



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In Person Mentorship

One-on-one mentorships is one of the best ways to get down to the nitty gritty of exactly your issues and roadblocks in your business. I am here to help teach, provide clarity and create a clear path to success together for anything you are looking to learn!





Come join for a one day or multi day retreats with a balance of learning, community + taking incredible photos! These retreats are here to make you dig deep into what makes you unique and stand out amongst the crowd to find your ideal client. Surrounding yourself adventurous, nature loving like minded photographers where we can open up to each other, be real and take each of your businesses to the next level through education, hands on shooting and a community building atmosphere.

A group setting can be one of the best places to learn from not only Nicole but from each other too! I want to see you open up, get vulnerable and encourage each other to take uour business to the next level, hit your goals and re-ignite your passion for photography. My goal with each retreat is to find the perfect balance of learning and down time allowing you to leave with a renewed perspective, feeling refreshed and connected.

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