Georgian Bay Island Engagement

I am so incredibly in love with this beautiful summer Georgian Bay Island Engagement session! It literally exceeded my expectations in every way possible. When Hayley and Alex reached out to start planning their engagement session I knew they lived in Southern Georgian Bay so planning to do something on the water was definitely a must. Chris and I had been dying to take a couple out on our boat to explore some of our favourite spots along Georgian Bay and end on a rocky island covered in windswept pines for sunset. I was so excited when the day finally came – the weather was perfect and the bay was extremely calm which is not always a common thing. We knew luck was in our favour.

We boarded the boat and began to drive through many of the incredible islands filled with cottages and breath taking landscapes. I found out that Alex grew up not far from the cottage and very impressively was able to name all the islands and channels we were going through! These two definitely were more similar to Chris and I than we knew and we absolutely love it! I strive to find similarities and spend sometime getting to know each and everyone of my couples so that the day feels more like an adventure with friends and when the wedding day comes it truly feels like two more of your friends are showing up to document your day instead of strangers. As Chris winded through the various channels in between the islands that dot the waters of the bay we began to near the island we would get out to explore. We all got off the boat, grabbed some beers from the cooler and sat down to relax and watch the sun sink a little bit lower before we would start to document their adventurous session on one of my favourite Georgian Bay islands.

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For most couples getting your engagement session done can be something that seems a little scary and that is where I am here to help. My biggest thing is so make sure you are so comfortable and having the best time. I love to start off my sessions with having your favourite drink and even a snack! By being able to have a drink and just chat and get to know each other truly makes the world of a difference once we get up and start to take your photos. Also, having a little liquid courage never hurt anyone!

Once our beers were done and the sun was finally at the perfect spot in the sky we began to explore the majestic cliffs of the Canadian Shield. It always takes my breath away as I get the opportunity to explore another little island on the bay as this windswept bedrock that is over 3.96 billion years old. Standing there looking into the open waters surrounding by these towering cliffs with so much history truly is an incredibly special moment each and every time. We splashed in the water, climbed on the rocks and weaved through the towering and crooked pines that call this island home laughing and watching the sunset slowly into the horizon. We began to climb higher to watch the last bit of sun slip beyond the horizon. Hayley and Alex just stood there overlooking the bay taking in such an incredible evening.

This Georgian Bay Island Engagement was truly one for the books and every time I think of it I cannot help but smile. I not only got to hang out with the coolest couple but we got to explore an area special to the four of us. Hayley and Alex thank you from the bottom of our hearts for hanging out with us and going on this adventure. We had the best time and are so excited for your wedding next month <3

Chris made a little video of our adventure! Make sure to check it give it a watch!

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