Iceland Summer Adventure

November 7, 2019

Iceland has become such a popular tourist destination and rightfully so! This incredible island has so much to offer whether you are visiting for a few nights or a few weeks. After having the opportunity to visit Iceland documenting a beautiful proposal which you can check out here I knew that I had to come back and explore this incredible island further. So we booked our flights to visit during June which is one of Iceland’s warmest months and counted down the days to go. Finally June came around and we could not wait to go on our Iceland Summer Adventure. Two of our friends joined us on our trip as we treked 3000km around the Ring Road and through the winding roads of the West Fjords. From the incredible black sand beaches, thousands of waterfalls cascading over the mountains, volcanoes both dormant and active, mountains, fjords, secret hot springs and so much more this country has so much to offer.

For a country with so much popularity Iceland still has so many areas to offer that you can go on a hike, relax in a hot spring or even be driving for a few hours without actually seeing another soul. We found the southern coast of Iceland was hands down the most popular and heavily trafficked areas. Especially compared to the West Fjords and the north which takes quite a bit more time to drive to so people on shorter trips would have to miss out on. The entire island no matter how many tourists are around you have this feeling of pure wilderness and just leaves you awestruck at every twist and turn.

Iceland happens to be the windiest inhabited place on the earth! You definitely will have the chance to experience this especially when you get closer to the coast. With limited trees on the island almost everything is very low to the ground from their shrubs, cozy homes and small animals alike.

Below is a compilation of some of my favourite photos from our Iceland Summer Adventure where we spent 12 days and 3000km driving around the beautiful country of Iceland! We hope you have the opportunity to visit the incredible, windy and unique country of Iceland whether it be for personal travel, an epic elopement, wedding, proposal or anything else!


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