Iceland Surprise Proposal

November 2, 2018

The moment when you decide to ask your best friend, adventure partner and love of your life to marry you is absolutely monumental and a day you will never forget. So having a photographer there to capture this moment is so incredibly special, especially when it is an Iceland Surprise Proposal! Matt had reached out to me about two weeks before he was planning on proposing to Jackie and told me he had planned a surprise trip to Iceland for them over a long weekend where he had booked a private tour on which he would pop the question!

Now here is where the tricky part comes in – they had already booked me to photograph their wedding so Jackie knew what I looked like and followed me on my social media channels so we had to be very careful on the day of the proposal so she would not figure out who I was. Matt and I chatted back and forth every day leading up to their flight to Iceland making a packing list for Jackie so she would not miss a thing on her surprise trip and planning out the places we would stop on our tour. Finally the big day came and the tour guide picked me up at my hotel in Reykjavik and we eagerly awaited Matt and Jackie’s arrival from the airport so we could start what would be a day neither of them would ever forget! Our incredible tour guide, Hafsteinn of Pink Iceland Tours, and I sat in the car going over last minute details at the early hours of the morning long before the sun would rise both of us very excited to kick the day off for this incredible Iceland Surprise Proposal.

Once Matt and Jackie got in the car we hit the road and started heading towards the south coast of Iceland watching the sun slowly start to rise and the most incredible landscapes pass us by. We passed by some of the well known popular tourist hot spots, but Hafsteinn had a perfect hidden gem of a waterfall that he was going to take us to for the proposal. Finally after two hours in the car, the sun had just risen we started our hike out to the waterfall.  You had to climb over a ladder which put you in the middle of a farmers field with Icelandic horses and sheep which really felt like the start of what would be a great adventure. You could hear the thundering of the waterfall in the distance and I let Matt and Jackie start to walk ahead and you could hear them laughing and taking in the immense beauty that is Iceland. As we got up the hill and were finally able to see the waterfall my breath was immediately taken away and I was so ecstatic for what was about to happen. Matt lead Jackie to the bottom of the waterfall and dropped down to one knee and asked her to spend forever with him and of course she said yes! Shortly after Matt popped the question he let Jackie in on the secret of who I was and she quickly screamed out ‘I KNEW IT!’. She noticed my Hudson’s Bay stripped gloves and said they looked familiar but none the less she was ecstatic to have me along with them for the day to capture the next chapter of their love story. After we hiked back from waterfall we all shared a glass of bubbly, strawberries and Icelandic chocolate and then hit the road to Reynisfjara,the Black Sand Beach. We spend quite some time here exploring this incredibly unique beach and taking photos. Matt and Jackie’s Iceland Surprise Proposal is a day I will certainly never forget and I am sure they will not either. Matt, thank you from the bottom of my heart for bringing me along to capture your epic love story and being so rad the entire process while planning this! I love how much effort you put into every detail and the smile on Jackie’s face the entire day and the rest of your trip certainly said you did a wonderful job. Jackie and Matt, I am so incredibly thrilled for the two of you and cannot wait to spend another wonderful day with you two photographing your wedding next September in Muskoka!

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