Intimate Cottage Wedding on Lake Simcoe

October 4, 2018

There is something so incredibly special about having a small intimate gathering of only your closest family and friends standing alongside you on your wedding day. With only an intimate gathering allows you to interact with each and everyone of your guests and that is exactly what Jenya and Cedric did for their Intimate Cottage Wedding on Lake Simcoe. Jenya + Cedric’s families came from far and wide to be there to celebrate this beautiful day coming from the Ukraine and Switzerland. For most this was one of their first trips to Canada and what a perfect time to visit out beautiful country in early October just before the weather turns cold. This intimate wedding not only was an international celebration but so is Jenya and Cedric’s love story. It is one of those stories that feels like it is straight out of a movie – they met while surfing in Sri Lanka and Cedric left a note in Jenya’s book with his phone number in hopes of hearing from her again. From their their love flourished and so began their long distance relationship. Jenya and Cedric finally both moved to Toronto where they were able to start building their lives together.

Jenya and Cedric’s wedding right on the shores of Lake Simcoe was an absolutely beautiful day that I will remember for a very long time. The beautiful cottage they had rented for the weekend had an old world feel with such charm and beauty it would be hard to not love such a beautiful property. Our day started off getting ready with Jenya’s beautiful dress made in the Ukraine that had multiple layers which created such a unique look as you could layer up or down to create different looks for the dress as they day went on. From there Jenya met Cedric on the lawn for their first look which was a beautiful moment. You could see their family all peaking through the windows to watch this beautiful couple see each other for the first time that day.  It is so incredible to see how much these two love each other you could tell instantly how much these two love each other and how excited they were for their big day by the big smiles on their faces and the way they embraced each other. It is love like this that makes it so wonderful to be able to capture this special moment in their lives for them to be able to remember for decades to come. When I asked them what their most anticipated moment of the day they told me it was their ceremony. To have all their family and friends that traveled so far to see this moment all together for the first time to watch them get married was so incredibly important to them.  When Jenya walked down the aisle with her father and listening to their moving vows to declared their love for one another left everyone in tears.

One thing that I remember forever about Jenya and Cedrics Intimate Cottage Wedding was Jenya’s bridesmaids who had all travelled from the Ukraine told me how this wedding truly felt like something straight out of a North American movie that they have watched all their lives. They said the weddings in Ukraine are simple and they just loved how Jenya spent so much time on making her wedding something that every girl could dream of. The decorations were not over the top but perfectly complimented the lakefront cottage setting.

The sun was beginning to set as their ceremony drew to a close so we took advantage of the beautiful sunset and headed out onto the dock to capture the last bit of golden hour. The winds were howling off Lake Simcoe but it did not seem to bother Jenya or Cedric one bit they were too busy enjoying a quiet minute alone and enjoying the spectacular October sunset. Their intimate cottage wedding ended with Jenya and Cedric doing their first dance surrounded by their friends and family with only the last bit of sunlight and sparklers. It was truly one of those moments you can’t help but just want to watch them dance off into the sunset and felt like a perfect movie moment.

Jenya and Cedric thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for inviting me to spend such a wonderful day with your friends and family to celebrate a beautiful marriage. Your love is so strong and moving it is so easy to see in these photos how much you care for one another. I wish you both the lifetime of happiness and am so excited for your move to Switzerland next year for the next chapter in your lives. xo.

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