Lake Minnewanka Winter Adventure in Banff

November 18, 2018

Chris and I love road tripping anywhere from a mini weekend road trip to a month or longer road trip.  There is something about driving away from the city lights and towards areas that we have yet to explore give me so much joy and excitement. As Chris and I road tripped through Alberta and British Columbia mainly in the Rocky Mountains we met some really rad couples along the way.  One of these couples was Molly and Luke – we connected over Instagram and were planning on finding a day that lined up with both of our travel schedules to plan an adventure session.  This happened to fall on both of our last days in Alberta before we headed home and it was the perfect way to end our trip with their Lake Minnewanka Winter Adventure Session!

I met up with Molly and Luke in the early hours of the morning to capture the sunrise coming over the stellar mountains at Lake Minnewanka.  Molly and Luke had road tripped from their hometown of Kelowna, British Columbia with two of their friends for a long weekend in snowy Banff, Alberta. This was their first time visiting Banff and most definitely will not be their last! As we explored the trails that wound around Lake Minnewanka they walked hand in hand, cozying up to each other looking around in complete awe of the incredible sights at each turn on the trail.  From the snow covered mountains slowly turning pink from the glow of the sunrise and the towering evergreens covered in a dusting of snow it really put things into perspective of how tiny we are compared to mother natures greatest feats. As the sun began to rise the temperatures finally began to rise along with it. This incredibly chilly morning truly felt like winter had arrived in Banff despite it only being November. No matter the temperatures, Molly and Luke were all smiles the entire time.  Molly + Luke, thank you so much for the sunrise adventure it was the perfect way to end my road trip through Alberta and we hope to run into you again the next time we come back out west!

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