Muskoka Winter Cabin Engagement

When I think of a great winter adventure I think of a snow covered forest, a log cabin with some great friends, beers and maybe even a fire to stay warm by and that is pretty much how this Muskoka Winter Cabin Engagement Session with Adara + Jarron went! Chris and I drove up into Muskoka and met them and their adorable yellow lab, Hank, at their home and captured them at a covered bridge that they drive through everyday in their cozy little town. From there we hopped in the car and headed up Highway 11 to this little log cabin that sits in the middle of the forest to spend some time playing in the snow and exploring the cabin.

Chris and I were hoping to bring our snowmobiles up to get out to the cabin faster but the snow was so incredible deep I ended up falling through the snow at some points on our walk and it was waist deep! Instead we decided to snowshoe through the forest and enjoyed a fun little walk in such deep snow. This is what Canadian winters truly are and we love it! Getting the opportunity to really use our snowshoes what they are made to do is so much fun. It was quite the workout with all the deep snow but it kept us warm from the chilly winter air. When we reached the cabin we saw the pond was frozen solid and covered in snow so everyone instantly went out there and we captured Adara, Jarron + Hank have a snow fight! I was so incredibly impressed with how well trained Hank was. Most of the time when dogs come on engagement sessions it distracts the couple as the dog doesn’t always want to listen but Hank was so well trained to be off leash he never went far and was a perfect angel!

This Muskoka Cabin Winter Engagement session was truly one for the books and I loved it because it truly captured who Adara and Jarron are as a couple exploring the outdoors in their beautiful home in Muskoka. I always encourage each and every couple to do something they love and in places they feel comfortable. That way you can enjoy your self and when you look back at the photos from your engagement session it will be memories of a place you love doing something fun with your partner. Without further ado I am so excited to share these beautiful photos from this Muskoka Cabin Winter Engagement!

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