This was such an incredible day. Lea and I were on our adventures through Banff and we had planned to meet up with Bri and Josh who had only just gotten married a few short days ago and we were going to do a day after (or few days after in their case) wedding session. These two were on a month long honeymoon road trip from Texas and Banff was one of their first stops. Lea and I had been leant an incredibly beautiful dress from The Bridal Boutique Calgary and knew Bri would fit into it perfectly. The entire day the rain had been misting over the mountains but it would come and go in waves so we were hoping we could find a few hours when it wasn’t raining to explore Peyto Lake with these two. As we hit the Icefields Parkway and began to drive up things were looking so promising, we could see bright blue sky ahead! We waited in our rented campervan for Bri and Josh and watched the storm clouds move in and out but we decided we were going to roll with the punches. When Bri and Josh pulled in for their Peyto Lake Adventure Session everything looked perfect, the blue skies began to open up and the rain let up so we all headed down the path to see the beautiful turquoise blue wolf shaped lake.

Only about 5 minutes into the photos mother nature changed her mind and rolled in one fierce storm and we could see it coming over the mountains! So we all ran back to the cars and we thought we would have to wait it out, but then Bri mentioned she still had her wedding dress with her in the car and would not mind if it got wet. WHAT?! Lea and I were in shock and so incredibly happy at the same time. Thank goodness we have a massive camper van which doubled for a place for us to all have a quick beer, let Bri change out of one wedding dress into her own and then we headed into the pouring rain for one heck of a fun Peyto Lake adventure session.

Bri + Josh inspired the heck out of us! They ran, snuggled, and enjoyed the views amongst the torrential rain that kept pouring down from the skies. They were full of smiles the entire time and never once complained or suggested we go back to the car no matter how many times we offered and asked if they were okay! These two truly embraced the entire moment and ran with it. They could not give a care in the world that it was raining because they were having so much fun. Sometimes the most memorable moments come from non-ideal situations, but really it is how you make the best of that situation and it will result in how the rest of your adventure goes. For Bri and Josh they choose . to play in the rain until we were all number and they never stopped smiling once. My biggest advice to all my couples is embrace your day no matter what! Weather is the one thing you cannot control so roll with the punches and you will have the best adventure ever. Bri + Josh thank you from the bottom of our hearts for joining us on this crazy adventure, we are so grateful for you to embracing our the rain and the cold! We hope our paths cross again someday xo.

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