Peyto Lake Wedding Day After Session

Have you ever imagined being able to get dressed back up in your wedding attire do you can get totally different photos than the venue or space you got married at? Well this is totally possible! A day after session (and it doesn’t have to be the day after) is one of the best ways to get photos done and your spouse in a different area!

Here are my top 9 reasons to have a day after session:

  1. You can go anywhere you want for your photos and are not restricted to the area around your wedding venue. Many people are eloping but if that is not for you but you love the idea of getting your photos done on a beach, the top of a mountain, hiking on your favourite trail this is the perfect way to do that!
  2. There are zero time constraints you need to fit within
  3. There is less stress about having to try and fit in all your portraits on your wedding knowing that you get the opportunity to go back out shortly after your big day to get your photos done.
  4. You get a chance to re-wear your wedding clothes!
  5. Your clothes (mainly the dress) are likely a bit dirty from your wedding day so you probably won’t mind as much letting it get a bit dirtier.
  6. You have already had a chance to get your nerves out about being in front of the camera so you likely will feel more relaxed second time around.
  7. You get to choose exactly what time of day you would love to do these photos. Whether it is for sunrise, sunset or somewhere in between.
  8. You can bring your fur baby along! Maybe your wedding venue didn’t allow you to bring your dog but you would love some photos with them. This is the best time to bring them along.
  9. If the weather is bad you can choose to play in the rain/snow or whatever Mother Nature throws at you without having to worry about messing up your hair, makeup or getting your clothes dirty.

Day after sessions are one of my favourite ways to take couples exploring to their favourite places or a totally new place when they don’t have the time to fit it in on their wedding day. While out exploring beautiful Banff National Park I had the opportunity to photograph Bri and Josh who had just gotten married days before and were on a road trip from Texas to Banff. They choose to do their day after session at the stunning, turquoise glacier fed Peyto Lake. They danced in the rain, let her dress get even muddier then it did on their wedding day and had a cold one to celebrate one of their first days as husband and wife.

Does this sound like an amazing way to get more use out of your wedding clothes while spending some time exploring a place that you have always wanted to see? Then lets chat about booking a day after session and dream big where you would love to go on an adventure!

Nicole Alex Photography is a travelling Elopement and Small Wedding Photographer based in Ontario that loves adventuring with experience driven couples across Canada including British Columbia, Alberta, Newfoundland and PEI. Learn more about Nicole Alex Photography and the elopement and wedding prices.

Ali Rae

Omg all of the photos are gorgeous! You did such a killer job even in the rain, so beautiful!

What a stunning view! Love day after sessions they are so much fun!


I wish i had Done a day after session! Its so dang Beautiful that you get to have beat of both worlds! These are stunning.

Bailey Boggs

These are SO gorgeous! I love the tones!


Wow, these are absolutely gorgeous! I love day after sessions. She also reminds me of Drew Barrymore, so gorgeous!

Dila Pertiwi

So beautiful!!! Gloomy days and peyto lake are some of my favourite things. the look like they are having the best time of their life

I love that they braved the rain and fog for such an amazing peyto Lake day Asfter session! Well done!