Romantic Fall Engagement in Killarney Provincial Park

There is something special about fall in Killarney Provincial Park – maybe its the fall colours that really pop against the white quartz La Cloche Mountains, the smell of the fresh air of Northern Ontario or the peace and quiet of the small town of Killarney, but none the less it is one of my favourite places to visit in the fall. Steph and Jer wanted a place they could explore, relax and bring along their guitars so they could make some beautiful music together for their Romantic Fall Engagement in Killarney. Both of them play guitar and it is a true passion for them and when you hear them sing you can hear the passion in their voices.

We explored some of the trails in Killarney Provincial Park first and enjoyed the fall colours as they were just starting to pop. The views at every twist and turn along Lake George are breath taking.  We grabbed the canoe and got Steph and Jer all comfortable and then Jer grabbed his guitar and they floated around Lake George and the beautiful songs he sang to Steph was breath taking and left me speechless. As the sun began to set the brought the canoe in and sat on the dock and Steph pulled out her guitar where they sat and sang together. Listening to the two of them sing with the sun setting behind them on the La Cloche Mountain range left my heart incredibly full. It is moments like this in life that make you realize everyone needs to take a moment to breathe and enjoy the little things. Steph and Jer thank you for making the drive out and sharing your passion with me for your incredible Romantic Fall Engagement in Killarney.

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