Whitestone Lake Cottage Engagement

Taking engagement photos for a couple at their cottage is always a fun adventure, but being able to jump into a boat and explore the lake makes for that much more of a unique day. I met up with Laura and Brandon for their Whitestone Lake cottage engagement session at the beginning of fall just when the colours had begun to peak out into the trees. This is always one of my favourite times of year as the weather is perfect, there are no bugs and the days are still long.

We sat around and had some beers as I do with all my engagement sessions before starting and then as the sun became less harsh we explored their beautiful cottage property and began to document their love story. As the sun truly began to set we hopped in their tin boat and headed off towards some beautiful islands not far from their cottage. I dropped them off on the island to grab a few beautiful landscape photos of them and the entire island and then quickly got them back in the boat and headed to the next island to have a bonfire. We sat around the bonfire watching the sunset as they snuggled up with one another. As the fire began to die we explored the island in the little light left after the sun had set and noticed the super moon rising above the tree line over the water. It truly was such a sight to see! Before we hopped back in the boat I wanted to grab a few shots of Laura and Brandon in total darkness only with the light of a headlamp lighting them up! I love being able to do night photography when I have the change and it felt like the perfect opportunity! From there we headed back in the dark towards their cottage to end their incredible Whitestone Lake Engagement Session. I am so grateful for couples who are willing to show me their special places and allow me to document them in these spots.

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