Elope Up North Workshop

Have you ever felt stuck, no longer able to be creative, unsure of your next steps? I along with Marcucci Photography want to help you grow, learn fill both your heart + mind with inspiration, knowledge and fuel your passion for photography. You would not be in an industry that challenges you on the daily, where social media works against us to get our images out there, where friends and family may question the amount of work required to get us where we want to be, but we understand you and where you want to go. We want to help get you to those next steps all which never losing your love for what you do best.

We believe in creating and fostering a community that lifts you up, helps you through the tough questions and allow you to achieve your goals. We want to pour our hearts out to you, share our experiences and allow you to learn from both our successes and mistakes so you don't have to take the time doing what we did in our early stages. We are big believers in positive energy, big hugs and when you leave you will feel inspired, energized and ready to tackle those goals you have been struggling to reach.

About The Elope Up North Workshop

The Elope Up North Workshop is an intimate, in-depth course that will focus on how to run a successful wedding photography business. Some of the topics that will be covered include:
-How to be authentically you while standing out in the crowd
- Finding the right clients for your brand
-Pricing + Charge What You're Worth
- Marketing + Branding
-Editing + Finding Your Stylee
- Social Media
- Networking
- Client Management

There will be two portfolio branding sessions where we will guide you through authentic posing / prompts and photographing two real couples.

To end off our time together we will go back and do a live editing session and end the night around a bonfire debriefing the day, answer final questions and enjoy each others company!

Newly wed husband and wife share a moment with Peyto Lake in the background with a storm rolling in off the mountains.
Newly wed husband and wife share a moment with Peyto Lake in the background with a storm rolling in off the mountains. Newly wed husband and wife share a moment with Peyto Lake in the background with a storm rolling in off the mountains.

What Makes Us Different Than Other Workshops?

Let Us Tell You!

We want to pour our hearts out to you, get vulnerable, share our mistakes and triumphs so you don’t have to spend the time doing what we did as we were learning. We want to help take you to the next steps in your career, whether you are feeling stuck, not sure what the next steps are or just need to find new inspiration - we want to help you!

Upcoming Workshop Dates:

December 1, 2019 - Newmarket, ON
Spring 2020 - Location TBD

We want to make this a 100% safe environment where everyone can learn, share, be yourself and ultimately thrive and grow. We care about seeing you succeed and grow. Our goal is to create a strong community of photographers that want to lift each other up, cheer each other on and watch each other succeed in all their dreams!

We are here to share, foster authentic connections, filling your mind + soul with so much inspiration, knowledge and passion that you cannot wait to go back and begin making changes to your business. We understand the photography industry is a challenging one with no direct steps or guidebooks on how to succeed but that is why we are here – to you help you navigate through this! We understand the challenges you are facing and the uncertainty sometimes this industry brings. Our goal is to a create a space filled with nothing but happiness, inspiration and positive energy so that when you leave you will feel energized, inspired and ready to take on what you have been struggling with + anything that comes your way.

Frequently Asked Questions


Who Is This Workshop For?


This workshop is for a photographer that is:

- Willing to come with an open mind and be super excited to learn!
- Have fundamental knowledge of how to work your DSLR or Mirorrless Camera
- Wanting to build a successful, sustainable and fulfilling photography career
-Looking to improve your photography skills
-Has goals to find your own niche within the photography community and wants to take their business to the next level


What Should I Bring With Me?


Please bring the following!

- Positive spirit, big smiles and your willingness for knowledge, friendship and to have an awesome time.
- Camera + Computer/Notepad
- A list of specifics will be sent out via email.

Food + Drinks are included!


What else is included in the workshop?


Lunch, snacks, coffee/tea + water will all be provided!
If you have any dietary restrictions please let us know ASAP!



$625 - Early Bird until November 15, 2019

$700 - Standard Rate

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