About Me

Hey, I'm Nicole!

I am a travelling wedding and elopement photographer based out of Newmarket, Ontario, but more often than not you will find me at the cottage on Georgian Bay or travelling in our RV around Canada! The great outdoors is my favourite place to be, always looking for my next adventure, no matter the weather I love exploring and capturing beautiful moments.

I am a coffee loving, oversized knit sweater wearing, dog + cat obsessed kind of gal that is always on the lookout for her next great adventure!

Ever since I was was born my mom was always snapping photos of myself and my family, and in elementary school I was given my own disposable camera.  As of that moment I was hooked and spent most of my money growing up buying new cameras. By the time I was in university I never left the house without my camera and it was my dream one day to be able to follow my passion and have a career in photography.  Society told us millennials that the corporate world was the safest and best bet to have a successful life but after spending 6 years doing corporate event planning I knew there was more out there for me, so I quit my job and followed my dreams. I have never been happier and have not regretted a moment of it – I encourage everyone to follow their passion and do what makes them happiest – for me that is capturing peoples wild adventures and beautiful love stories.

I spent the majority of my time growing up outdoors, travelling with my family and this is definitely why I am obsessed with going on epic road trips. One thing people don’t know is that Chris + I love to travel to places most people don’t think to visit, and in our opinion the more remote the better!  We run a travel blog on the side to share photos and stories from our wild adventures. Feel free to check it out CNA Photos! 

The outdoors is the place that I consider my happy place, and where I feel most creative and free.  My three favourite things in life are epic adventures, wild love, and the great outdoors – when they all come together I am inspired.  Being able to witness and capture those very real moments between two people is one of the most beautiful things and I’m so proud to be able to call that my job.

When I am not travelling or at the cottage you can find me in our cozy home, with a cup of coffee, binging on Netflix alongside my amazing boyfriend who supports all my crazy ideas and dreams, and 3 fur babies (two incredibly adorable kitties and one lovable and very derpy + hyper Husky.)

I am all about finding the adventures that life is full of! From the adventures on my travels to the amazing journey I get to experience while watching you begin your own next great adventure!

My Approach

I am all about the adventures that life takes you on and I want your time with me to be exactly that – filled with moments, emotions and so much fun. Choosing a photographer you vibe with is so important. I want you to view me as your friend and not just your photographer! Getting to know each other is so important and I care so much for each and everyone of my couples.

My approach to photography is very simple – I believe in capturing your love story with all of its beautiful moments.  I am here to tell your story of unconditional love and all the moments both big and small that happen throughout your day. I want the images to represent you as a couple and for each couple that is different. For some that’s getting married on a mountain top and for others it’s saying their I do’s in front of an intimate group of family and friends on a dock. Everyone’s stories are unique and that is one of my favourite things - meeting and learning from each incredible couple what makes them who they are so I can help document and capture a snapshot of who you are in this moment so you can remember it for the rest of your lives.

I love getting to meet people, learning your stories and connecting with you.  I believe in creating a connection between us that enables all kinds of good things including trust, allowing you to bring out your true personalities. Focusing on creating memories that will last a lifetime instead of just getting the photos done is so important and will make the world of a difference for your timeless moments. 

When choosing a photographer to document special moments in your lives, ensure that your vision lines up with theirs and that you trust them whole heartedly to do their best work. We will be talking a lot leading up to your special day and spending a lot of time together on the day of, maybe even before so lets make sure we vibe well and become friends!

So, let’s chat, get coffee or a pint, tell me your love story, make sure we are the best fit for one another and let’s create some beautiful memories!

So go ahead, break traditions + do things your own way because that's how it should be! Get married in your favourite place, or out doing your favourite thing - if that is at the top of a mountain or in the forest barefoot, then do exactly that!

Let's Make Some Magic!

If you feel like you connect with the above then I would love to chat more with you whether that be over a glass of wine, cup of coffee or on the phone I would love to hear more about your wedding vision and get to know you better. So, let’s chat, get coffee, tell me your love story and let’s create some beautiful memories!

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