Northern Ontario Road Trip

May 8, 2019

In spring 2018 Chris and I bought a RV and we could not have been more excited! I grew up camping and RVing and was so excited to share this with Chris. We are obsessed with travelling and this gives us the opportunity to stretch even further than our day and weekend trips to now month long trips and hopefully one day even further! Chris had never ventured to Northern Ontario before so we figured why not go on a Northern Ontario road trip?!

We hit the road for three weeks as we slowly climbed our way towards Thunder Bay stopping along the way at some of the most breath taking sights that you would not believe are located in our beautiful province. Our first few days were spent on Manitoulin Island driving around the entire island checking out all that the worlds largest fresh water island had to offer. Filled with so many beautiful lighthouses, breathtaking views of both Georgian Bay and Lake Huron we were shocked we had not made the trip here sooner.

After a few days of basking in the summer sun on the many beaches of Manitoulin Island we hit the road again and headed off to drive around the east coast of Lake Superior with our first major stop being Lake Superior Provincial Park. Lake Superior is known for being very cold and due to that when we began to get close to the lake it was extremely foggy. This was such a unique sight to see with the lake being completely engulfed in the fog and you could not distinguish between where the water ended and the sky began. Eventually after 2 days the fog lifted and gave us the most beautiful sunsets. Lake Superior Provincial Park is so full of incredible hikes both short and long. We did not get enough time to hike all of them but it just gives us a reason to come back one day! One of our favourite hikes was out to the Agawa Rock Pictographs. The pictographs are drawings on the stone of the cliff face that have been left there for hundreds of years!

To stay on track to reach Thunder Bay on time we hit the road once again and headed to Pukaskwa National Park. Of course we stopped in Wawa to visit the famous Canadian Goose statue along the way! We had no idea what to expect while visiting Ontario’s only wilderness national park as there was not much information online about it but HOLY SMOKES let me tell you we instantly fell in love with this park. Truly a slice of heaven hidden in the vast wilderness. Sitting on the rugged coastline of Lake Superior, Pukaskwa National Park is filled with incredible hikes, breathtaking views and we never wanted to leave. Let me tell you if you have not headed north before get in the car and go and make sure you plan to spend a few days here you won’t regret it!

Our next stop and what was supposed to be our last before turning around to head home was Thunder Bay. Here we explored and camped in Sleeping Giant Provincial Park, hiked Mount McKay and explored Thunder Bay. What we thought would be the perfect place to turn around we decided to push just a little further along Highway 17 and head to the canoe capital of Canada, Quetico Provincial Park. If you love canoeing this is definitely a place you need to visit whether its for 24 hours or weeks. There are so many different routes you could spend days here and never paddle the same route twice.

Quetico marked the turn around point on our Northern Ontario road trip and we officially began to head home. We initially were going to take a different route home along Highway 11 but with the awful forest fires a lot of Highway 11 was closed so we back tracked ourselves down Highway 17. We did stop again at Pukaskwa National Park as well as Lake Superior Provincial Park to do a few more hikes in both that we didn’t managed to squeeze in the first time we stopped. Our route home was much faster than our trip heading north and we managed to get home in 3 days from Quetico. They were extremely long days on the road but very worth it for all the extra time we had exploring the rugged north.

If you have not explored northern Ontario I cannot recommend it enough! Here are only a few photos from our Northern Ontario road trip!


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