Bride and groom sailing on the small boat with a stunning view. Nature at it's finest.

Lodge at Pine Cove Elopement in French River

The Lodge at Pine Cove describes itself as a private world where warm waters, great forests and pink granite meet in simple elegance, luxury and rustic chic. It could not have done a better job in describing itself and also a perfect elopement location for a small group of family members to come together to celebrate an outdoors loving couple like Erica and Joey for their Lodge at Pine Cove Elopement in French River.

Erica and Joey fell in love with the Lodge for how private and tucked away it felt while providing both luxury and rustic touches at the same time. They chose the Lodge at Pine Cove for their elopement because they wanted to showcase their love of nature, the outdoors, and adventure on their wedding day. Erica also grew up exploring the French River area with her family, so it already held a special place in her heart. 

For their beautiful Lodge at Pine Cove Elopement in French River only their immediate family was in attendance, so there were 10 people total. The day started off with Erica and Joey reading their private vows to each other in comfy clothes on the dock with a cup of coffee in hand. After shedding a few tears and sharing a lot of laughs, they hopped in a red canoe and embarked on a morning canoe ride before getting ready — but not before Joey jumped off the dock and into the water! 

The guys shared a charcuterie board and whisky while the girls were getting ready. They chose to do their first look on a beautiful rocky crest overlooking the French River and then spent some time exploring the serenity of the property. 

In a magical moment right before the ceremony started, the sun came out, warming the day with its autumn glow. A little bonfire was set up and everybody nestled together on wood benches with blankets to enjoy the most beautiful ceremony. 

Once it was official, they partied on the beach!

Joey had a little surprise for Erica as he had hired Gareth Bush, an incredible acoustic artist from Toronto, to come up and sing their first dance song and the father-daughter and mother-son songs. Erica surprised her dad by playing “The Hockey Song” for their dance, and they had an absolute hoot dancing around barefoot on the beach. The afternoon continued dancing in the sand as snacks were shared and the sun started to set along the horizon. At sunset, I stole Erica and Joey and we took two canoes deep into one of the coves on the French River so I could capture a little alone time while they adventured. The water was so still, each stroke was like breaking through butter. 

After the sunset on their incredible elopement at the Lodge at Pine Cove they headed inside the the lodge, Erica and Joey shared an intimate meal surrounded by their family and friends with fun toasts, great cake, good food, before everyone changed into their comfy clothes to continue the evening around the bonfire. 

Enjoy this beautiful Lodge at Pine Cove Elopement in French River!

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