Golden BC Waterfall Elopement

There is nothing better than being able to elope in a place that is so special to you and for that is the Rocky Mountains for Shea and Alex. They had just recently moved out to Alberta and we were planning their elopement back in Ontario, but with COVID restrictions they could not return to their home province so we began to brainstorm. I asked them what their favourite place in the world was and they immediately said the mountains. So, I said, let’s go to the mountains – which led us to this beautiful Golden BC Waterfall Elopement.

We planned an incredible day that was filled with all their favourite things and planned a route to a few different spots that would give them all the unique views you can find in British Columbia! After a few months of planning, I hopped on a plane and joined them in British Columbia just outside of Golden. They had rented a log cabin and invited a few friends out to join them in their elopement, and I arrived and met them for a very early start time of 3am to catch the sunrise for their BC waterfall elopement.

After everyone finished getting ready, we all jumped in a car and drove to Takakkaw Falls where they shared their first look — it was one I will never forget. Tears were shed as they read their handwritten vows to each other, surrounded by mountains seemingly covered in mist. 

Here’s a fun tip: If you want personalized vows but don’t want anyone else to hear you, read them by a waterfall. 

Afterwards, I had found the most beautiful ceremony spot for them near the river the day prior with the powerful waterfall in the background and it made for one picture perfect backdrop. That is one of my favourite things about eloping is we can choose almost anywhere (within reason following LNT practices and staying within any guidelines the area has laid out). They popped a bottle of champagne and shared snacks with their loved ones before the rest of the group dispersed so Shea, Alex and I could wander the valley and head over to the base of the falls. 

I am all about encouraging my couples to push their boundaries and do what they truly want when the moment is right. On this particular moody and mystical day, I thought it would be fun to get them near the falls for a photo. My goodness, was it ever beautiful. Alex helped Shea up on top of a large rock, and the spray of the falls showered them with a gorgeous glow. 

They might have gotten a little wet, but they didn’t care. After drying off and wrapping themselves in blankets, we went for a little picnic filled with all of Shea and Alex’s favourite foods. They shared a massive charcuterie board with the rest of their friends ones before hopping into a canoe at Emerald Lake Lodge. Shea and Alex love canoeing and wanted to bring their adventurous selves into their wedding day, exploring Emerald Lake for over an hour. 

Despite getting married in the midst of extreme wildfires, the day couldn’t have been more perfect. It added a mysterious and magical feeling to the day, confirming that no one can ever know the true depth of the love two people share. Enjoy this beautiful day of Shea and Alex’s BC waterfall elopement!

Beautiful cabin in Golden Bc Waterfall. Wedding gown in front of the cabin.
Bride getting ready for the wedding
Bride writing her wedding vows.
Bride holding her wedding gown. Bride preparing for the elopement.
Bride's friend helping her prepare for the wedding.
Bride and friends drinking juice happily.
Wedding rings flat lay
Groom getting ready for the elopement. groom fixing his tie.
Groom tying his shoelace. Groom preparing for the elopement.
Bride walking towards her groom for the wedding's first look.
Intimate moment of the bride and groom. Bride and groom's first look during the elopement.
Groom crying while bride is reading her wedding vows.
Bride reading her wedding vows in front of the groom.
Bride crying out of joy in front of the groom.
Bride and groom doing pinky promise.
Bride and groom hugging at each other while crying. Bride holding her wedding vows.
Bride and groom holding hands looking at the wedding officiant.
intimate wedding in Golden BC Waterfall.
Black and white picture of the bride and groom getting the wedding rings.
Groom putting on the bride's wedding ring. Detail shot of the wedding ring.
Bride and groom kissing in the beautiful Golden BC Waterfall.
Happy newlywed couple. Supportive friends and families clapping.
Groom signing the wedding papers at the back of the bride. Bride smiling for the success of the wedding.
Couple kissing in Golden BC Waterfall.
Groom crying and hugging his friends while the bride is talking to her friends.
Bride's friends hugging the groom. Happy friends hugging.
Bride popping champagne. Happy picture of friends celebrating the elopement.
Family/friends doing cheers to celebrate the newlywed couple.
Bride drinking wine during elopement.
Groom drinking champagne. Bride holding the champagne bottle. Happy couple drinking champagne on their wedding.
Groom holding the bride's face. Bride smiling. Couple holding hands,
Bride and groom dancing in Golden BC Waterfall.
Bride's wet gown. Bride walking to cross the spring.
Bride and groom walking towards the Golden BC Waterfall.
Beautiful view in Golden BC Waterfall
Black and white photo of the groom and bride holding hands.
Bride walking alone in Golden BC Waterfall.
Adventurous couple walking in the forest of Golden BC Waterfall.
Adventurous couple helping each other in Golden BC Waterfall.
Bride and groom kissing at the base of a waterfall at Takakkaw falls outside of Golden, British Columbia.
Couple eloping at the base of a waterfall in British Columbia, Canada.
Husband and wife standing at the base of a waterfall in Banff National Park for their summer elopement.
Bride getting helped down a large boulder during her elopement day at the base of a waterfall in British Columbia.
Bride and groom snuggling with each other wrapped in blankets after getting wet at the base of a waterfall on their elopement day.
Newlyweds and their friends having a picnic lunch at Emerald Lake Lodge during a BC Waterfall Elopement near Golden, British Columbia on a warm summer day in the Rocky Mountains.
Bride getting into a canoe rental at Emerald Lake Lodge during their summer mountain elopement in British Columbia.
Newlyweds paddling around Emerald Lake Lodge during the summertime in the mountains on their elopement day.
Beautiful bride in her white wedding dress sitting in a canoe rental at Emerald Lake Lodge with her groom snuggling her as they sit in the water on their elopement day in the Rocky Mountains in British Columbia.
Bride laughs as groom tells her a joke as they sit in a canoe rental from Emerald Lake Lodge during their elopement in Yoho National Park.
Bride looks back at her groom as they paddle in a rental canoe from Emerald Lake Lodge during their Yoho National Park Elopement.
Beautiful Emerald Lake Lodge a small island only accessible by a foot bridge in the middle of summer during forest fire season in Yoho National Park.
Couple paddling on Emerald Lake in Yoho National Park during their summer elopement in British Columbia.
A view of Emerald Lake with the mountain peaking through the heavy smoke from the BC summer wildfires.
Bride and groom kissing together in Golden BC. Groom carrying and kissing the bride.
Bride and groom walking in the field of Golden BC.
Bride and groom walking towards the waters of Golden BC.
Couple driving down a dirt road on their elopement day in the middle of wildfire season in British Columbia.

BC Waterfall Elopement Vendor Team:

Bride’s Dress: Willow By Watters The Kendrew in Moscato
Bride’s Shoes: Little L
Rings: Moissy Fine Jewellery
Bride’s Hair Piece: LottieDaDesigns

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