Northern Ontario Elopement

Have you ever dreamed of going to a space that is special to the two of you to say your vows completely on your own or surrounded by only your closest family and friends? Does the idea of a big wedding scare you or just not feel like who the two of you are a couple? When thinking about having a more traditional wedding with a large guest count just not feel right or more stressful than fun? Then maybe a large traditional wedding just isn’t for you and that is okay! Having an elopement with a small group of guests or just being totally on your own is a complete possibility and if that is what speaks to you more as a couple then you should definitely consider it! I had the opportunity to photograph this incredible couple for this Northern Ontario Elopement Editorial hosted at Evelyn Barkey Retreats Algonquin North Workshop.

Although this Northern Ontario Elopement Editorial was a shoot set up it allows you to see what is absolutely possible when it comes to your elopement. You can choose to go the route of still having a beautiful reception space. Your wedding day is meant to be truly your own, you don’t have to sacrifice something you have loved and dreamed of when you started to envision your wedding day.

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Here are some important things to think about when considering eloping!

  1. What is most important to the two of you when you think about your wedding day?
  2. Would you love the day to be just the two of you, a few family + friends?
  3. Where is a space that is special and has meaning to you? Do you want it to be somewhere you have a special memory from a vacation, a place you have always dreamed of visiting? Go to a place that feels absolutely right to the two of you.
  4. Start to search for your vendors early! When it comes to your elopement I am not just here to photograph your special day, but also help guide you through the planning process, source other vendors that fit perfectly into your dream day, make timelines for your day, offer tips and tricks to making sure everything is perfect and you have the best day ever!
  5. Look into the spaces you would love to elope in – do you need any permits or special permission to get married? 

Ultimately, when you choose to elope it is about doing what you love to do most, in a space that is special, and capturing who the two of you are as a couple. Eloping means focusing on what means the most to you – whether that is surrounding yourself with your closest loved ones, being in a space that inspires you, create it around your passions and personalities. If you want to have your dogs with you – heck yeah! If having a big wedding seems more your style then you should 100% do it. There is something out there for everyone and that is so great when you get to plan your wedding day to be completely your own. Remember, everyone is different and your wedding shouldn’t have to be like your friends, colleague or one you have seen in the movie – it should be totally your own, one that you will love and want to relive the memories each and every day afterwards. At the end of the day do what feels right for the two of you and dream big!

Venue: The Buffalo Farm
Workshop: Evelyn Barkey Retreats
Planning: Shannon Bellisle
Blooms: Jessy Beck Design
Hair: The Glitz Gal
Makeup: Makeup By Chelsey B
Silk: Silk & Sumac

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