Summer Sunrise Algonquin Elopement

There is something incredibly special about watching the sunrise on your wedding day with the love of your life. For Dana and Chris this was their reality for their summer sunrise Algonquin Elopement!

Dana and Chris were supposed to have an intimate gathering with their family and friends, but the pandemic got in the way! So, we decided to pivot and do something that really resonated with them instead — get married at Chris’ family cottage in Algonquin Provincial Park. His family has owned the cottage for several decades and it is filled with old photos and a lifetime of memories… Including the original deed!

When we began planning their day there was one catch, there is no power in the cottage. So Dana and I brainstormed how to get her hair and make up done and decided that I would bring my converted Sprinter van up to the cottage since it is fully off-grid it can power all the hot tools needed to make sure the job got done!

Chris went off for a morning boat ride while Dana got ready, and when he got back, she met him down at the dock for their first look. The water was still as glass and the moment was filled with so much emotion, we transitioned right into their ceremony as the sun rose silently over the lake.

The weather started to turn, but nothing could stop these two. For Dana and Chris, getting married at the cottage was already so special. Chris wanted to take us to all of his favourite spots in Algonquin, and so we started with this massive rock lookout that towered over the lake. We boated over and climbed up to the top, and in this spot Chris and Dana shared with each other their personalized vows during their summer sunrise Algonquin elopement.

The rain stopped just as they started to say their vows, so we spent some time relaxing at the rock, taking it all in. The beautiful thing was, it was still so early in the morning, we pretty much had the whole lake and viewpoint all to ourselves. 

Chris and Dana chose my Sunrise and Sunset package, so after a morning filled with adventure we took a break in the afternoon to relax. They made a bonfire and took a little nap before we set up a delicious dinner on the dock. 

Chris seared steak and the two of them shared their first meal as a married couple on the dock as the sun slowly set over the cottage, with the lake twinkling against the soft-coloured sky. 

Right before the sun went down we jumped back in the boat and went to one last spot Chris just had to show us. The moon started to rise over the water into the clear night sky and we spent the evening counting shooting stars, enjoying the simplicity of the moment. Dana and Chris’ sunrise Algonquin elopement was one for the books that was filled with so much love, adventure and was completely true to who the two of them were as a couple.

Bride smiling at his groom during elopement.
Couple kissing passionately in Algonquin lake.
Bride signing wedding papers.
Groom signing wedding papers.
Couple doing high five because they are finally married. Happy couple with the wedding officiant.
Groom guiding the bride to get into the boat. Couple holding hands.
Bride holding an umbrella looking at the beautiful view of Algonquin Park.
Bride and groom walking towards the top of the mountain. Bride wearing jacket. Groom wearing sky blue polo.
Bride and groom on their way to the top of the mountain.
Groom holding the hands of the bride. Groom helping and guiding the bride so that she will not fall.
Groom holding the hand of the bride. Bride walking towards the groom.
Bride reading her wedding vows on the top of the mountain.
Bride reading her wedding vows.
Bride and groom hugging each other.
Bride and groom kissing while sitting in Algonquin.
Wedding ring. Outfit details of the bride and groom.
Outfit details of the bride. Bride's sandals.
Bride and groom popping champagne.
Black and white picture of the bride and groom touching hands.
Scenery view of Algonquin while bride and groom are kissing.
Bride wearing denim jacket with the print "Mrs. Cook"
Miniboat in Algonquin.
Groom's wedding ring. Groom on the boat.
Bride wearing boots during adventure wedding.
Bride and groom kissing in the waters of Algonquin.
Couple kissing passionately in Algonquin. Intimate wedding pose.
Bride and groom hugging while looking at the nature.
Bride and groom walking towards the forest. Bride holding her gown. Groom holding his shoes. Couple walking together.
Bride preparing the table for the elopement celebration.
Groom pouring champagne on his glass. Wedding celebration.
Bride and groom reading a letter. Bride holding champagne.
Bride and groom kissing in Algonquin waters.
silhouette photo of the bride and groom kissing. black and white photo couple kissing
House in the wilderness with their lights on.

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