Intimate French River Wedding

I don't think there is anything more special than being able to marry the love of your life than at a place that you have grown up creating memories like your family cottage. For Tessa and Joe to be able to have their French River Wedding at the family cottage was so incredible special for not only them but their families too. Tessa's family shared with me that many of their family members had dreamed of having their wedding at the cottage, but could never figure out how to make it work with either too many guests, the logistics of getting everyone up to the French River area or other issues. So Tessa and Joe happened to be the first couple in her family that was able to make this dream come true which was so special for the family!

This beautiful French River wedding was such an incredible day filled with so much love from Tessa and Joe’s family. Tessa and Joe had originally been planning a much larger wedding in July but like the trend of 2020 it had to be downsized due to COVID, but that didn’t stop them from having still an equally incredible day at their family cottage.

The day was so relaxed which is exactly how a cottage wedding should be. They got dressed shortly before their dockside ceremony, had the most lovely ceremony with Joe’s sisters accompanying them with the most beautiful music as Tessa walked down the aisle and then Tessa and Joe ended the day by jumping in the lake! Watching Tessa + Joe jump in the lake in their wedding clothes in their carefree way was the true way to embrace their French River Wedding and how all of 2020 has gone – just take it head on and have fun!

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