Summer Waterfall Wedding in Ontario

There is nothing more incredible than being able to have your intimate wedding so close to home and for Shannon and Robbie that was exactly what they did! Living in Bala one of the beautiful towns in the Muskoka area you don’t need to go far for incredible beauty around every corner. We began to plan their wedding and came up with the idea to have their ceremony with a local river in the background and then after their ceremony they wanted to hike down to a waterfall for their photos. This summer waterfall wedding in Ontario was definitely an adventurous one!

Shannon and Robbie started the day at their home in Muskoka before meeting everybody else down at Hatchery Falls. They held a small yet extremely special ceremony sharing their vows in front of the falls, surrounded by their closest family and friends on a hot summer day.

After promising their lives to each other in their intimate ceremony we went chasing waterfalls. This spot holds a special place in Shannon and Robbie’s heart, and being so close to their house, it has become their spot they love to frequent. They just happened to get married on one of the hottest days in 2021, so Shannon and Robbie decided that they were going to hop right into the water after the ceremony. One of the best ways to cool down and makes for SO much fun!

I really do love when couples throw caution to the wind and just dive in (literally or figuratively). 

I was right in the water with Shannon and Robbie so every special and fun moment was captured during this summer waterfall wedding in Ontario. It was so refreshing and they had so much fun. The falls were roaring above them and there wasn’t another soul in sight, which was a miracle for an August Saturday afternoon. They sat down at the bottom of the falls and soaked in the beauty of it all taking some time just to listen to the rush of the falls and be with each other.

After their dip at Hatchery Falls they hiked back and you are probably wondering how did Shannons beautiful wedding dress get dry?! Well we headed back to their house and Shannon jumped into something cozy while I gave her dress a bath in the bathtub to get all the dirt and sand out of the dress and then I got to work blow drying the dress. Very thankfully there was a nice breeze outside that helped dry the dress. After we had some good laughs while cleaning and drying her wedding dress we headed over for their reception at Jaspen Park. Here they had a delicious dinner surrounded by family and friends. It was still so hot as the sun was setting, so they hopped back in the lake — this time bringing their loved ones with them. 

They shared their first dance underneath string lights and the stars, and if you look close enough, you can see how filthy Shannon’s dress is. But if you look even closer you can see the happiness sparkling in her eyes, and you can tell she couldn’t care less. This to me is the true sign of an incredible wedding day. Your clothes will get dirty and even wet if you let them, but its all about creating memories. The dress will dry and the dirt will come out (I promise!) so follow your heart and do what you want to do!

So let it be known you can be confident no matter what you feel like doing on your wedding day, I will have your back. 

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