Muskoka Cottage Proposal

This day still leaves my heart so full when I look back at this perfectly planned proposal put together by Darren. He had reached out to me a month before telling me he wanted to propose and was ask his girlfriend Alana to marry him in Muskoka surrounded by the fall colours. We talked about everything that Alana liked and then I got to work to ensure we could make this a day one neither of them would ever forget for this perfect Muskoka cottage proposal.

We decided we would get Alana to believe she had won a free couples session up at a beautiful cottage in Muskoka so when they showed up Chris quickly took Darren off 'to the bathroom' and brought him down to the dock which had been perfectly decorated with Muskoka chairs, pillows, a throw blanket, florals with the backdrop of the lake. Once I knew Darren and Chris were in place Alana and I headed down the hill chatting about their weekend so far, plans after the session and how beautiful the cottage was. Once we descended down the hill Alana had a perfect view of Darren waiting for her on the dock for this incredibly romantic Muskoka cottage proposal.

Once Alana reached the dock she could not wipe the smile off her face. Darren dropped down to one knee and asked her to marry him and of course she said yes! Her enthusiasm was easily heard across the lake with her laughter and screams of excitement. It was truly a moment we will never forget.  We spent the next hour capturing their beautiful love for each other, exploring the Canadian Shield that surrounds the property and enjoying a glass of wine on the dock.

Darren thank you for reaching out and asking me to capture such an important moment in your life it is incredible special to be able to document this beautiful proposal for the two of you. Darren and Alana you have the biggest hearts, the best laughs and the most beautiful smiles you had me laughing the entire time and I am just so thrilled and excited for the both of you as you start this next chapter in your lives. I am so very excited to share this beautiful Muskoka cottage proposal with you.

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