Skogafoss Waterfall Adventure Session

Visiting the Skogafoss waterfall in southern Iceland is a must do for anyone driving the ring road. We had the opportunity to not only visit this powerful waterfall, but also get our photos done as well by the lovely Macy of Macy Hartman!

Skogafoss is not only a beautiful waterfall but has also become a very popular place to stop and visit while driving the ring road in southern Iceland. Due to this sometimes it can be hard to get that perfect photograph you had in your mind or if you have clients with you to not have to photoshop out tons of tourists. I have put together a list of things to know while visiting Skogafoss in order to have the best possible experience and get all the photographs you want!

Top 7 Things To Know for Photographing Skogafoss Waterfall

  1. The Earlier The Better – Make sure to show up first thing in the morning to avoid the crowds. The tour buses that come from Reykjavik often show up for around 9am in the summer. So the best time to be at the waterfall is anytime prior to 9am.
  2. If you are camping there is a campground right in the Skogafoss waterfall parking lot. This is one of the best ways to ensure getting some great photos as you can wait out the crowds, take advantage of the midnight sun and head out long after the people have left and get a shot of the waterfall totally empty.
  3. If you are looking for a unique view – walk the almost 500 steps up to the top to see the top of the falls. This is a great perspective of Skogafoss and you can really see the entire surrounding area as well.
  4. If you are doing an engagement session or elopement at Skogafoss and need to change know that the bathrooms charge a fee to use them. As well during the winter season they sometimes are closed so keep that in mind so that you are not having to change in the middle of the parking lot.
  5. Skogafoss is open year round! You can visit this beautiful waterfall anytime throughout the year while on your road trip through Iceland, but be careful if you choose to walk on the rocks near the waterfall. As the temperature begins to drop the rocks and ground begin to freeze and it gets very slippery.
  6. You will get wet! Skogafoss is a powerful waterfall that has a ton of mist coming off the falls themselves. If you choose to get up close with the waterfall the best thing to do is make sure you wear a rain jacket and ensure you have a rain jacket for your camera gear as well! If you have an engagement or lifestyle session planned for here make sure you bring a change of clothes incase you soak through the ones you are wearing!
  7. If you want to photograph the rainbow that appears from the waterfall you will have to visit the waterfall on a sunny day.

To be able to see so many waterfalls while in Iceland people often think you will get fed up seeing waterfalls but trust me this was one of our last days on our trip and I still loved every single one of them and was awestruck with how different each one way.

After playing and getting soaked at Skogafoss and we headed into the car and went to a place that was extremely special to me – the waterfall I got to hike out to only seven months earlier for one of the most romantic proposals I have experienced. You can check out the surprise Iceland proposal here and you won’t be sorry you did! I was so excited to share this special spot with Chris after telling him so much about it on our Iceland adventure.

If you ever have the opportunity to get your adventures documented while you are travelling whether it be to a different area in your own country of where you live or while you are travelling overseas it really is such an incredible way to capture your travels with your love one. Thank you again to the sweetest Macy for capturing our adventures!

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